Travis + Rachel

It's pretty unusual for us to go into a wedding day without ever meeting our couple, but my oh my. We both couldn't help but feel extremely gracious for Travis and Rachel, who made us feel like family from the get-go. Rachel's parents house was alive with The Beatles and filled with incredible art; from her grandfather's snowy painting to Rachel's and her sibling's, displayed proudly on walls and even splattered on the wood floor (Rachel's dad told me they wanted the girls to be able to be free and creative, not bothering to make a fuss about getting paint on the floors). 

And then we went to the church, and couldn't help but stand in awe. In these moments it's easy to raise a glass and be grateful for this job and the stunning places it takes us.

Thank you for the beautiful day, you two! Until we meet again and hear your tales of Icelandic adventures...