Farm Fresh Inspired Wedding

The concept is simple, but is packed with the makings of a beautiful farm-to-table brunch wedding. Guests are invited to a sunrise treat of Flanders Waffles (so fluffy and sweet you'll feel like you're at a carnival) paired with fresh citrus to snack and drink. As the morning progresses, sip on a freshly made latte from Nomad Coffee. And of course, guests can enjoy the peace and quiet of an early morning wedding, in the company of the friendliest goats and chickens. 

Thank you to our lovely friends who helped with this shoot!

Styled by The Lady Jane

Hair and Makeup by Carolyn Thombs

Dress bought at The Yellow Button

Lattes by Nomad Mobile Coffee

Waffles by Flanders Waffles

And thank you to our lovely models (and happy 2nd wedding ;) - Brandon + Karri

*Going to have an early morning, brunch-inspired wedding? Let us know - we'd love to be in on it! We'll give you a special, early morning deal, too.