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Malia | Bridal Shoot in the Woods

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I met Malia at a grocery store parking lot and we headed north to a hunting cabin in the woods.

She had flowers in her hair and one phenomenal dress draped over the back seat.

It was a magically hazy afternoon as we tromped around the grounds taking photos and chatting about her wedding to come! (Stay tuned – their wedding will grace the blog soon!)


I have found that being in a creative business has allowed me to meet phenomenal people.  In this kind of business, it’s easy to be competitive, but I have only met generosity and kindess.  Sheila of SHiliconfETTI is one such creative.  She makes sweaters that are filled with whimsy, beauty, and quality.  Check her out.  Drool.  Get one.

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Big thanks to Jessica Overholt for being both willing and beautiful.

To Sheila, for such generosity of spirit and perfect cardigans.